Are Offsite Data Backups Really Neccesary ?

backupsI’ve had some bad luck lately with technology, but thankfully back-ups saved me from any data loss. If there is one thing I can’t say enough to friends, family and even co-workers, it is “backup your important data”.

These days, with double-digit megapixel digital cameras on the market, video cameras being attached to nearly every phone, and documents and PDF’s everywhere, backing up your important data might seem more complicated than ever, but thankfully, there are a number of tips, tricks, and tutorials that will make saving the digital bits of information that are most precious to you both fast and easy. [Read more...]

Modern Productivity Inspired by Classic Life Hacks from the Past

You may think that Life Hacks were invented around the same time computers and the Internet hit the scene, but this isn’t the case. In fact, putting on your time goggles, you can look back and see that Life Hacks have been a part of human history since … well, the very beginning, or at least as long as we’ve been writing things down. As proof of this (and to put a smile on your face), let’s take a look at these little adventures in time that have Life Hack written all over them.

As a disclaimer, these may or may not be considered Life Hacks by you, but a case is made that they fall under the general definition of Life Hacks. (Not to be confused with the General Lao Lao Smith definition of Life Hacks, which is another article entirely.) With that in mind, sit back and prepare to be astounded by some of the biggest Life Hacks throughout history. [Read more...]

Design Inspiration: MIX Online

One thing that is very interesting to me is the idea of inspiration, and as a writer, I take my inspiration from a variety of different sources. Today, I wanted to show off a design that I thought was uniquely beautiful. I always tend to lean towards the more simple looking designs, but looking closely at MIX Online you’ll notice that it is anything but simple. The typography, use of colours, lines, and spacing all appeal to some piece of my creative soul. When I look at this site, I actually wish it were my own. [Read more...]

Top Life Hack Blogs Status

Top Life Hack BlogsWith another month behind us, and the first month of a new year over, how have life hack blogs faired? We’ve got an update on the top twenty-five life hack blogs we track on our Top Life Hack Blogs list.

If you are looking for the top blogs related to lifestyle optimization, then check out any of the below listed blogs, especially the top five or ten, which is where I plan to see this blog, LifeSnips in a year or so. [Read more...]

Documentary Worth Watching: Life After People

We assume we are the masters of this planet, but despite all of our great engineering achievements, the world would fairly quickly revert back to its old self if we vanished in an instant. That’s the premise behind Life After People, a documentary that explores how fast mother nature would reclaim the planet. This documentary is worth watching because it is humbling. It helps you realize that even seven billion people wouldn’t have a lasting effect on the planet if we vanished, and as such, we should focus more on our lives, our families, and our friends, rather than trying to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. [Read more...]

Productivity Tip: Turn Off Instant Messaging

It seems so simple, so innocuous, but in reality instant messaging is one of the most evil sinkholes of productivity. I have a few different programs and websites, to manage the different lists of people I talk to, as everyone seems to have a different preference. I’ve even worked at jobs that had its own Jabber server and network, adding one more to the pile.

The corporate instant messaging platform was so we could turn off the rest, and be able to focus on work, but the reality is that all instant messaging needs to be turned off to really get a good amount of work done. Any interruption to your focus, or what I call my “groove”, will distract you from your goals, stop you from getting things done, and cost you time and energy that could have been put into work tasks. [Read more...]