One Secret To Success In Life And Business That No One Tells You

Build ConfidenceThis is not about the law of attraction or some other philosophy.  It’s a real anecdote to success in life or business or both.  And it’s an anecdote that no one may ever tell you.  Until today. [Read more...]

How To Live A F*cking Great Life

Have you found your passion in life; something that wakes you up in the morning and makes you jump out of bed, something that makes you sing with emotion, something that when you try and describe it you get lost for words?

If you haven’t then this article is for you.  It’s an article to help you think about the possibilities, to help you believe that you can do it, to help you see life doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive, to make you stop and think for a few minutes and re-evaluate, to make you want to shout out loud ‘I Have a F*cking Great Life. [Read more...]