101 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

We all need energy for every thing we do in life. Being able to tweak more energy from our minds and our bodies is a worthwhile pursuit. If you can change your energy levels by a few per cent you will achieve a hell of a lot in life and feel the better for it.

The mind is linked to the physical, so tweaking our mind energy as well as our physical energy levels will give you a double boost. So without further ado here is:

101 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

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How Being a Geek Made Me More Productive

You might not think “geek” is a lifestyle, but it really is. Being a geek seeps into every aspect of your daily life. You can’t switch it off, it is part of your DNA. Being a “geek” is much more than just a fondness for Science Fiction and gadgets, so much more.

Until a few years ago I had to keep my geekiness to myself. Then all of a sudden it seems that the geeks have inherited the Earth! Here are a few areas where being a geek helps me in both business and in life… [Read more...]

100 Ways To Find Ideas For Your Blog Posts

There are times when blogging can be tough and it feels like we have just run out of ideas for our blog posts or as a freelancer we sometimes think there’s nothing else to write about.  Where does the muse go when we are feeling like this, and how can we get it back?

The muse doesn’t go anywhere, we just have to find the spark that will ignite the muse back into action and keep us writing.  There is no need to ever run out of ideas for articles or blog posts, you could write 100 posts per day and still never run out of ideas.  However, if you ever feel like your head has been emptied and you have no more ideas left, just take a look at some of these tips and you will be sure to connect with your muse again. [Read more...]

Best Password Practices Guide

One of the weakest links in most security systems, even today, are passwords. People write them down on sticky notes attached to their computers, or make their passwords so simple that with a little time, anyone can access their system.

As we rely on computers and the Internet more and more with our precious data, password security is only going to rise in importance. Many sites have long since enacted basic checks on passwords to limit the chance of a possible security breach. You’ve seen these systems in place before as they ask you for longer passwords, or to include certain types of characters.

They want you to use passwords that look like !qD7_8aC but you’ll never remember that. So how do you create passwords that aren’t easy to guess, simple to figure out and that you won’t have to write down to remember? Well, first we need to look at why passwords like the example above are so secure. [Read more...]

Welcome to LifeSnips

Welcome to LifeSnips, a site that will be covering a variety of topics under the umbrella of enjoying a better life. You’ve seen many sites that give general overviews, long lists of less than helpful ideas, and try to convince you that their idea is the only idea, but here at LifeSnips we are going to dig deeper into what can make your life great.

About Me

My name is David Peralty, and I’ve been a blogger for a very long time, and for the last four years, I’ve been blogging full time on various sites. I’ve run a large number of successful sites, and have always been interested in lifestyle tricks and tips.

lifespyAt one point, I owned and ran LifeSpy.com before selling it to Bloggy Network, a company I worked for as the Director of Communications.

That was over two years ago now, and I’ve learned a great deal since then. I’ve learned that building a hugely successful site is as much about content as anything else, and will be looking for the best content in the life tips niche for publication here on LifeSnips.com.

Who Will Write Here?

Other than myself, I hope to hire some amazing writers to be staff writers for this blog. I recently put up an advertisement on the Problogger Job Board, and have been receiving a great response towards it.

I will be announcing new writers as they get hired, so that you can all get a better understanding of their backgrounds, writing styles and what they’ll be bringing to this site.

Want to Write for LifeSnips?

While I am hiring staff writers to bring consistent, valuable content to this site, I am always going to be looking for guest columnists, and other writers. The pay per approved submission is $50 via Paypal.

Any submission that isn’t approved is yours to publish wherever you like. If your submission is approved, you agree to grant unique publishing rights to LifeSnips.com.