How to Really Lose Weight

I finally found a way to lose weight.

The good news for you is it doesn’t require a fad diet, does not require spending huge gobs of money, doesn’t have complicated rules, and best of all, you can “cheat” and it still works.

What Doesn’t Work for Me

I have tried lots of popular and famous diets. One where the focus was on eating meat. Another one from a famous productivity author. Yet another that had you eat like you are a caveman. One that came with a set of exercise videos didn’t even get started.

Other than complete and miserable failure, they all had in common a “guaranteed to fail” built in.

Either they said a certain food was verboten, and thus made me crave it, or the ingredients were hard to come by, or I just couldn’t understand the system enough to work within it. If you go to a restaurant and can not order for fear of getting it wrong, then you are not going to stick with it.

How I Lost Weight

My doctor told me “Move more, eat less”.

That wasn’t particularly useful advice so I went with something just a tad more conscious.

I downloaded an app for my iPhone!

This app keeps you accountable and keeps a log for you. So far you could just use a notepad or a spreadsheet.

What it also does is makes it easy to record calories and exercise (or carbs, whatever, it’s really flexible). You tell it what foods you have eaten and what exercise you take, and it works out what you have left each day in your calorie budget.

I have my phone with me all the time so I can consciously choose what goes in my mouth rather than guess. As well as a really comprehensive list of foods and brands, you can also add your own custom preferences.

There are more features, you can see everything in detail on their website.

When Things Go Wrong

Of course you will slip, get into bad habits, and generally have off days (or weeks).

Doing it this way helps you prevent making bad choices (because you are often thinking about food in a way that you make a decision rather than “follow your gut”), allows you to work out exactly where you went wrong, and get you back on track.

Most people focus just on the calories, which obviously is only one part of the equation. Nutrition is not just about calorie counting but it is a start. A next step is to focus more on the exercise part. The good news is it helps in those areas too.

Have you found anything like this that has helped with weight loss? Please share in the comments …

Business Owners: Improve Your Health With This One Simple Technique

I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m pretty bad when it comes to eating right and staying active while building an online business.  In fact, I find myself getting so absorbed into what I’m doing on a daily basis that I am either too tired to exercise or the food that I’m eating has caused me to feel “sick” a lot.  Sound familiar?

It’s a vicious cycle.

While I keep my mind active, I am not paying attention to my body and because of that, it rebels; and the more I ignore it, the worse it gets.  Because I am so busy running my business, communicating, writing, and taking on new tasks (let a lone trying out new ideas), I tend to eat on-the-fly and that usually means frozen processed foods or eating out a lot.  And the more I do that, the worse I feel. And the worse I feel, the less compelled I am to get active.

But then something happened.

About two months ago, I had a routine doctor’s visit and he mentioned that he wanted to do a blood sugar test.  So I went without food for 12 hours and then they did the test.  About two hours later, I get a call from the doctor saying he was a little concerned and determined I was pre-diabetic.

I figured it might be time to pay attention to my health a little, but then I panicked.  How was I going to fit that in? How would I do all that and run my online business?  How will I change my entire life?  That’s not possible.  Well, here’s what I discovered, and it’s working.

My fitness pal.

My Fitness Pal

Since I am one to explore apps a lot, I ran into one that literally changed my life.  And the timing was perfect.  It’s called My Fitness Pal and it’s free.  The app is actually part of a companion website which is also free.  Basically, it is a calorie counter on steroids.  It has over 750,000 foods from nearly every possible category and restaurant you could think of.  But that’s not really the benefit.

The benefit is that you can tell it your age, height, weight, and your activity level (none in my case) and it will set a daily caloric limit for you if you want to get healthy.  Then, it lets you enter in the meals you eat, any exercise you do, and it keeps track of it all just like having your own personal coach.

Now here is where it gets even better.  You fill out a profile on their website and it syncs continually with the app!  This means that no matter where you are or what you are using, you can keep track of what you eat, how much, what not to eat, or get suggestions on what would be a better choice.

Finally, a way to be healthy.

I was so impressed with their website and app that it really encouraged me to keep track of my daily eating.  In fact, it was kind of fun (dare I say) and it really opened my eyes to a new way to get a little more healthy without diving in and changing my entire life around.  It’s more like easing into it and doing it as my pace.

Besides…as an online entrepreneur we all know how controlling we can be so it was a perfect fit.  If you are a busy entrepreneur and you want to stay healthy or just watch your calories, then give My Fitness Pal a try – you might be amazed at how much better you feel just keeping calories under control.  And as a side benefit, the better you feel means you can put even more energy into your business.

Do you find that you have a hard time staying healthy while working online?  What have you done about it? What worked and what didn’t work?

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