Documentary Worth Watching: Future Life On Earth

I have always had a fascination with the future, and what great technologies it would bring to make my life easier. As a child, I held Star Trek as the gold standard in technology, and so watching what people envision in the next few decades thanks to Discovery Channel made me super excited. NextWorld: Future of Life on Earth is one documentary that meets a need I have to merge science fiction and science fact together, and I enjoyed it so much that I actually bought a copy of it, and if you enjoy it, I suggest you do the same.

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Details: Watch as science fiction of today becomes science fact of the future. Imagine cities under the oceans, bionic suits, space tourism, super-speed trains, cyborg moths, windships, hoverbikes, somatic sensors, virtual reality, people living to 150 years old  these may be just the dreams of today but they will shape the NextWorld. Episodes include: Future Life on Earth, Future Intelligence, Future Cars, Extreme Tomorrow, Future Ships, and Future Flight. NextWorld reveals the science, the inventions and the innovations that seem impossible now, but will be a reality in our lifetimes.

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