Documentary Worth Watching: Life After People

We assume we are the masters of this planet, but despite all of our great engineering achievements, the world would fairly quickly revert back to its old self if we vanished in an instant. That’s the premise behind Life After People, a documentary that explores how fast mother nature would reclaim the planet. This documentary is worth watching because it is humbling. It helps you realize that even seven billion people wouldn’t have a lasting effect on the planet if we vanished, and as such, we should focus more on our lives, our families, and our friends, rather than trying to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

Details: If humans were suddenly to disappear, what would happen to our planet – the structures we’ve built, the everyday items we take for granted, domesticated and wild animals, plants, trees? What would become of the things that define our species and leave our mark on this Earth?
Visit the ghostly villages surrounding Chernobyl (abandoned by humans after the 1986 nuclear disaster), travel to remote islands off the coast of Maine to search for abandoned towns that have vanished from view in only a few decades, then head beneath the streets of New York to see how subway tunnels may become watery canals.

HISTORY® takes you on an amazing visual journey in Life After People, a though-provoking adventure that combines movie-quality visual effects with insights with insights from experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology, and archeology to demonstrate how the very landscape of our planet will change in our absence.

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  1. Ali says:

    My husband and I (and that the Royal Hubby and I) hahaha we love that show, it’s unbelievable what would happen, I never thought about it but yes it does show we need to spend more time on the important stuff!!! I was excited to see this!!!
    .-= Ali´s last blog ..Corner View…Favorite Hangout… =-.

  2. I love these thought provoking documentaries about possible future scenarios. They really stretch your mind. Thanks for this.
    .-= Richard |´s last blog ..Lessons From a Month of Meditation =-.

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