Selling My House: First Impressions

So, I have recently listed my house for sale. I haven’t lived in it for half a year already, as I’ve moved due to work. My wife has been living in the house while going to school and work. She rented out some rooms to people in order to help make ends meet. I’ve been paying for two of everything, and it has been a strain on everything: my mood, our relationship, my work, finances and my energy levels.

It was a difficult decision to put our house up for sale in such a market. The city we live in is still dealing with the effects of the downturn, and housing prices are still on the decline, despite news reports that try to make everyone feel happy and positive about the next half a year. Did I mention that it is still around the middle of a mild Canadian winter?

My wife, more than myself, has a strong emotional attachment to the house. Early in our relationship, she started trying to find ways to make her dream of home ownership a reality, and by the time we were married, we had purchased a plot of land in a new subdivision, and had a company building one of their homes for us. My wife got to pick out the pain, flooring, and other upgrades on top of the stock design and loved every minute of it. There is a lot of her in the house, and so it was with a sad heart that we ended up listing it for sale.

I contemplated many different ways of starting the home sale process including selling it myself, using an inexpensive non-MLS route, or contacting a real estate agent. In the end, we ended up contacting a local real estate agent.

I haven’t yet met the woman, but she has definitely been on the ball. In the first week, she collected our details, got it listed on MLS, put it in the newspaper, and showed it to two people. Having two people already see our house was very surprising to us as we knew the state of the market.

We’ve had to list our house for in the high level for its size and features, mostly because we bought a few years ago, just before the whole market crash. The price was determined in part by our agent, and in part by us. We want to make sure that when we sell the house, we get out of it without losing our shirts. This means making sure it pays not only the mortgage off, but also the potential lawyer fees, and real estate agent fees.

If and when I buy a house again, I probably will build again, even if it means that I might get a smaller house that I have some difficulty selling due to lot size or house size because I really had next to no problems with this first house, and I am not very handy with a hammer or wrench.

Currently, I am working on a website that will, if it takes more than a few months to sell, hopefully help market the sale a bit better and connect us with the right type of buyer willing to pay closer to our listing price.

I will also be working on updating this blog from time to time with progress, issues, thoughts, and ideas regarding selling a house and I hope you all find this series interesting.

Do you have any house sale stories, tips or tricks? Please leave them in the comments below. I look forward to understanding the whole house selling process better, and making it through this process the best that I can.


  1. We sold our home in MI two years ago. Here’s what we did.

    We took a photo of the for sale sign in the front yard, put sold on it, printed it off and used it as a visual.

    We never used the words “if the house sells” but “when the house sells.”

    When had doubts we would do something to spruce the house up. When we left the basement floor was even painted. So clean ya could eat off it.

    We had a sign on our fireplace that a friend let me borrow that said, “Expect a miracle.” It took a miracle to sell it in Michigan.
    The sign allowed us to hold a vision of it happening.

    We had a party with our closest friends and buried a statue of Saint Joseph upside down in the front yard. I don’t think that did it, I think it was the good vibes all of our friends brought with them and our laughter did it!

    We quit talking negative about anyone or anything in our home. Do you know how you can walk into a friends house and know they were fighting right before you got there? Well the people who come and look at your house will feel the energy as well. Make it good.

    We lit candles and had fresh flowers out each time someone looked at it. No I didn’t say at the Open House, I said each time someone looks at it.

    We set a date to move to AZ and committed to leave if the house sold or not. It’s called “act as if.”

    That’s all I can remember right now.

    Some of these may sound a little weird but hey we were willing to do what it takes so we did all we could with a fun attitude and strong faith that it would sell.

    Oh one more thing. We called our realtor every 8 or 9 days and said, “Hey whats new?” It kept us in her head!

    So there you have it!

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