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One thing that is very interesting to me is the idea of inspiration, and as a writer, I take my inspiration from a variety of different sources. Today, I wanted to show off a design that I thought was uniquely beautiful. I always tend to lean towards the more simple looking designs, but looking closely at MIX Online you’ll notice that it is anything but simple. The typography, use of colours, lines, and spacing all appeal to some piece of my creative soul. When I look at this site, I actually wish it were my own.

While most design inspiration sites usually focus on the home page of a site, I’d like to focus on the writings section, or for lack of a better term, the blog.

If you look at a single post, you’ll really understand how amazing this design is. Pushing so many details and so much content while making it easy to read, branding the site, and organizing the secondary details in a way to be useful but not intruding on the user experience can be very difficult.

I like the simple, out of the way location of the Retweet link, and the detail on the number of comments. The centered title of the post works well, especially for multi-lined post titles as I’ve shown in my example image.

The way the author is shown off to the right side, with links to his or her profile, and recent posts is perfect and I really found the use of white space on either side of the text content helpful in containing the larger than average font size, and reasonable line-heights.

In the end, I could talk about this design all day, but I definitely wish more designers would take a cue from this site.

Check out the screenshot below, or head on over to

Mix Online Design Inspiration

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  1. Wow that’s really nice looking, thanks for this too.
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