One Question Interview: What is Your Number One Life Tip?

Recently, I e-mailed a number of my contacts, and asked them to participate in a simple one question interview that would show off their similarities, their differences, and ultimately provide my readership with an insight on how they live happy and successful lives.

This is the second set of answers received by me. Check out the first post in this series with the same title: One Question Interview: What is Your Number One Life Tip?

What is Your Number One Life Tip?

Tom Leroux – The most important tip I think I can give to people is to make sure you get time off (so sayeth the guy who just came off a month of vacation) to relax and allow your brain to reset. People forget the importance of downtime.

Tom Leroux is a good friend of mine that I met from a Blogger Meetup in Ottawa, Ontario. He’s a master of video editing and producing, wise regarding data redundancy, and one of the only people I know that understands and can work with ColdFusion code.

Chris Garrett – The big lesson that I have to remind myself about is handling stress. I know this is something you have found a challenge too David!

One of the ways I found to cope was to force myself to see things in perspective. You know the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”? Well that is not a great help when you are in the middle of a full blown panic attack. So you have to find perspective.

Is this really that bad? What is the worst that could happen? What can you realistically do about it?

How I found perspective was to think back to when my daughter has been in hospital in life threatening situations. The nurses and doctors who have fought day and night to make her well. Then I think of my dad who was a senior level firefighter before he retired. He used to have to walk in to a burning building with his team when everyone else was running, screaming in the other direction. Routinely friends and colleagues of his would get injured or worse.

In my business the worst that can happen is loss of money and a bit of humble pie. No small children will get hurt, I do not have responsibility for the life of one person, and I am not in any real danger – the only risk is financial and pride.

Sometimes we blow things up to be much more important than they really are, and remembering that helps me find balance and keep my head when all around me seem to be losing theirs.

Not really needing any introduction to most of my blogging friends, Chris Garrett is a long time blogger, social media consultant, and speaker. If you are looking for someone that not only understands the blogosphere, but interacts with it in a number of different ways each and every day, you’ll want to talk to Chris.

Jeremy Wright – Treat your life like it matters. I, too often, value myself less than I value others. Taking myself for granted. Instead, I’m learning to give myself what I need first, and that makes giving others what they need so much easier. Not in a selfish way, but in a caring way. I laugh more, I cry more, I rest more, but most of all I love more. And that makes all areas of my life better, including work. NetMobs

An entrepreneur, Jeremy is best known by me for running b5media up until recently. He has published a book on Blog Marketing and has helped to build one of the largest blogging/media company in Ontario, Canada.

Doug Langford – Take complete responsibility for everything in your life; good & bad. The day you stop making excuses and become 100% accountable for every aspect of your life is the day you’ll begin to live life to the fullest. BodyParts Fitness

Owner of BodyParts Fitness in St. Thomas, Ontario, Doug is one of the few people that I believe is in the wrong job. After talking to him, he inspires in such a way that you feel pumped about anything you do. I think he should be speaking at every conference rather than worrying about building his business, as his inspirational words have helped me greatly in my career and personal life.

Jamie Oastler – Take time to figure out who you are, what you want & how to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to change any/all of them over time. Idealien Studios

Jamie is the type of person that can find you that perfect solution for your problem. He is a designer, coder, and WordPress guru. He’s helped me work on a WordPress plugin before, and has released some publicly for the community.

Caron Slimak – Action Conquers Fear! Queen of Cashmere Daybook

A new and current client of mine, Caron has quickly become inspired about social media, but that inspiration has come from wanting to communicate with people regarding what she’s already passionate about. Her passion is infectious and wonderful.

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  1. Hi David, Just wanted to say there are some great tips in here. I expecially liked Jamie and Doug’s tips.

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