One Question Interview: What is Your Number One Life Tip?

Recently, I e-mailed a number of my contacts, and asked them to participate in a simple one question interview that would show off their similarities, their differences, and ultimately provide my readership with an insight on how they live happy and successful lives.

Since sending it out, I’ve received a few responses already, and while others are still flowing in, I wanted to push these out there for you all to see.

What is Your Number One Life Tip?

Jim Turner – Mine is simple. Treat others as you want to be treated. One by One Media

Founder of One By One Media, and Bloggers For Hire, Jim Turner lives in Colorado, and is probably best known for his role as Social Media Director for Blog World Expo, the penultimate Blogging and New Media conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Randa Clay – Always look for the bright side, the silver lining in the cloud, the positive view. Focus on those things to the exclusion of all else. You will be a much happier and more productive person. Randa Clay

Designer, Mother, and Blogger, Randa Clay has to balance the needs of so many, and continues to succeed on the web. As part of her extensive portfolio of work, she has designed many popular Splashpress Media blogs and websites.

Mark Evans – 1Password, a password tool for Mac that makes it easy to log on for wide variety of Web sites that I used on a regular basis. It saves me time and makes me more productive. Mark Evans

A communications, marketing and social media consultant, Mark Evans has a long history with the start-up environment and the traditional publishing world having worked with companies like b5media, PlanetEye and newspapers like the National Post, and the Globe & Mail.

Jeff Chandler – My lifetip is to set goals that are achievable. If you set goals that are too high, you’ll feel like you’re not making any progress. The lack of progress will then transpire into depression making you wonder why you’re even bothering with the project. WPTavern

Rocketing into the WordPress community a little more than a year ago, Jeff has become a well known name when it comes to what’s going on in WordPress. Host of the WordPress Weekly podcast, and contributor to a few of the top WordPress blogs, he works hard on keeping his finger on the pulse of the WordPress blogging platform and its community.

Daniel Scocco – My number one life tip is: start with the end in mind. In other words, imagine that someone is writing your biography once you are dead. What would you like to be included there? What are the most important things that should be there?

Write those down if possible, and get busy making they happen. DailyBlogTips

A well known blogger, Daniel has escaped his computer and office, and made it to various places around the world. Best known for his blog DailyBlogTips and his online marketing and business training program, Online Profits, Daniel continues to consistently push out new and interesting content.

Jonathan Snook – For me, the biggest thing when trying to work is dealing with distraction. Sadly, they’re all self-imposed distractions. From email, to twitter, to rss feeds, it all lures me away from what I really should be doing. One trick that works for me is to actually block time-wasting sites. On the Mac, I edit /etc/hosts and set those sites to point to localhost. Anytime I try to go to that site and it fails, I’m instantly reminded that I’m getting distracted and it pushes me back into what I should be doing.

Designer, coder, author, and more, Jonathan Snook is what most online successes dream to repeat. Having worked on a variety of different projects, Jonathan recently was hired by Squarespace, a company that provides a hosted blogging platform. His position there is as a Front-End Developer.

Tommy Vallier – Remember: Every Minute Counts
It may seem like a waste of time to spend an hour sorting a closet, cupboard or your Documents folder, but if those 60 minutes save you 5 minutes/day from that point forward, you’ll find yourself with time to spare in less than two weeks. Invest this new found time wisely. Tommy Vallier

Owner and operator of WPbytheMinute, Tommy also attracted attention when he placed his resume online in the form of a very complete resume. While responding to requests on his online resume, he continues to consult on new media, and blogging for a variety of companies.

Joseph Thornley – My life tip would be to work hard, but never let the work crowd out your family. Make time for dinner with the children and work later. But be there for them.

I try to live by this. ProPR

CEO of Thornley Fallis & 76design, Joe helps companies build relationships with their customers through social media, public relations, word of mouth marketing and creative design. Joe isn’t one of those CEO’s that stay in an ivory tower and separates themselves from the rest of the world, he helps organize, run and attend various Third Tuesday events and attends and speaks at conferences.

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  1. Julian says:

    Mine would have to be ‘Service’. If you help others then everything else seems to work out around it.

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