Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Battery Life Out of Your Cell Phone

I work all day long with cell phones of all shapes and sizes and because of that, you can bet that I’ve learned a few tricks to keeping a cell phone running all day long. Sure, it’s easy to keep a phone juiced up if you’re not using it very often but what about those of us that are attached to our phones at the hip? Or smartphone users with battery-sucking touch screens that run games and movies and spreadsheets? It’s hard to keep the phone alive long enough to make the bus ride into work let alone the entire work day!

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your cell phone’s battery life – without breaking the bank or your brain. [Read more...]

Life Hack Posts Worth Reading this Week

Some of the best content about changing your life in a positive way comes from blogs outside of this one, and each week, we like to highlight posts that were of interest, and we hope will interest you. These posts come from a myriad of sources, and if you have a post worth reading, please contact us and let us know. [Read more...]

10 Tips for Getting Through the Airport with as Little Aggrevation as Possible

If you spend a lot of time in the airport, chances are you have a few tricks for getting through quickly and painlessly. Taking a few steps to avoid long lines or a negative experience for others will make your airport time a little less frustrating. Here are some hacks for getting through the airport:

Book a flight early in the day: The earlier you fly, the less likely it is for your flight to be delayed. Those who fly earlier in the morning experience less time waiting in line and are more likely to arrive at their destinations on time. Also, the earliest flight tend to be the emptiest and you have a better chance of getting a good seat and, also, upgrading your seat.

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Life Hacks for The Family: How Family Business Meetings Can Simplify Your Life

When done properly, business meetings can be very productive for any small business or corporation by helping you to stay on top of the financial direction of your business, plan projects, and chart progress, but did you know that these same great benefits can help simplify your life at home to? Scheduling regular business meetings for your family can be a great way to streamline your home life and connect with family members on important issues. Family business meetings can keep you organized and gives everyone an opportunity to feel like they are an important part of the family and that they have a role in the goals and achievement of the family unit. [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Attractions and Events

If you’re anything like me, you would get motivated to go out and visit more interesting things if only it didn’t cost as much and you knew where to find them. So how do you find ways to see attractions while making a frugal living or learn about off the beaten path options? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. This article will cover ten simple and effective strategies to saving money on tourist attractions and events. [Read more...]

10 Hacks for Getting the Kids Off to School in the Morning with Your Sanity Intact

If you’re like most parents, the peaceful moment after getting your kids on the school bus is your favorite time of the day. Fighting and tantrums regarding unfinished homework, breakfast choices and that ugly purple shirt can get the day off to bad start for all involved.  Fear not, a peaceful morning is just a few hacks away.

1. Wake Up 30 Minutes Before Your Kids

Parents like to sleep late. We day dream about the days before kids when we could sleep as late as we want without having to wake to coordinate backpacks and referee arguments. Still, waking up at the same time as the kids will only create more confusion and chaos. When you’re awake before the kids you can take some time to have a cup of coffee and prepare for the impending chaos. Parents who wake early get to take their time in the bathroom without rushing and prepare for the morning already having shaken away the morning cobwebs. This puts them in a better mood when the kids wake and keeps the crankiness at bay. [Read more...]