Last Minute Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Christmas is right around the corner. Time to brave the crowded parking lots, the cheery holiday Muzak, the frazzled salespeople, and the even more frazzled shoppers as you search for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And if you’re the type of person who likes to put off the holiday madness until the last minute, you’re probably starting to feel the crunch. But don’t panic! Here is a list of last-minute gift ideas for that book lover on your shopping list. Most of the items here are $50 and under and can be easily found in major bookstore chains or in chain discount stores like Target and Walmart. [Read more...]

5 Websites That Can Help Reduce Your Paper Footprint

Take one look around my home and it’s easy to see that I love to read. My bookcase is overflowing with dog-eared paperbacks and hardcovers. There are even more books stuffed into drawers, sitting on my coffee table, and jammed into the shelves of my computer desk. About a half dozen cookbooks are precariously stacked on top of my microwave. Magazines fill a basket and litter the dining room table. Add to all of this a stack of catalogs, junk mail, and bills, and everything starts to get a little messy. [Read more...]