Documentary Worth Watching: Building Green

While I enjoy the idea of green living, the following documentary talks about extreme ways of living green as well as somewhat reasonable ways (especially if you live in climates like California experiences). I enjoyed the approach of the documentary, as well as the fact that it was a project with multiple facets from start to finish.

If you are interested in green building, or at least have an interest in the technology available, you’ll want to check out this playlist of videos. [Read more...]

5 Websites That Can Help Reduce Your Paper Footprint

Take one look around my home and it’s easy to see that I love to read. My bookcase is overflowing with dog-eared paperbacks and hardcovers. There are even more books stuffed into drawers, sitting on my coffee table, and jammed into the shelves of my computer desk. About a half dozen cookbooks are precariously stacked on top of my microwave. Magazines fill a basket and litter the dining room table. Add to all of this a stack of catalogs, junk mail, and bills, and everything starts to get a little messy. [Read more...]