Best Life Hack Posts Roundup

I haven’t been doing my weekly worth reading roundups consistently yet, and I hope to solve that going forward, so to start us off on the right foot, here are some posts that I found amazing!

Sidenote: I was looking at some blogs today on the Top Life Hack Blogs list that I maintain (and will be updating with new features soon!) and one of the most popular blogs, Life Hacker didn’t seem to have many posts written directly by them. Most were details about posts found elsewhere. It was interesting to me, but made my selections for best life hack posts a little harder to organize.

Guy Vs. Guy: Making a Living in the New Economy – Can you keep up with the big companies? Are your skills worth money or have they been devalued due to worldwide competition? Two bloggers debate the issue.

How to Hold Your Breath Like David Blaine, World Record Holder (and Now, Me) – Tim Ferris is a life hack guru and talks about how you can learn to hold your breath longer. Might not seem like much of a life hack, but it is definitely worth a read if you are a fan of swimming.

The Simple, Ridiculously Useful Guide to Earning a Living from Your Passion – I’ve been so fortunate to live a life where I got to write online for four years as my full time job, and Zen Habits has a great guide on how you too can live by changing your passion into a career.

“So, What Do You Want for Christmas?” – I’ve been getting this question nearly every week from my wife, as the holidays close in, and I haven’t been able to figure out what I want. Hopefully this guide from The Simple Dollar will rectify that situation and help all of you.

What It Really Costs to Own a Home – When I bought a house two years ago, who knew that the market was going to be shaken up so horribly. Oddly enough though, the extra costs related to owning a home have only gone up, despite the value of the house going down. Go figure… Check out this great post on Wise Bread regarding the true costs associated with owning a house.

The High Seas Showed Me How Pitifully Unproductive I Am – Over on Life Dev, Glen is back from his honeymoon, and learned that getting away from it all can also mean that you can get a lot done.

Modern Life Sucks: 4 Ways The Status Quo Is Wrong – Not everything is happy and bubbly in making your life better, and a post on Organize IT has a great breakdown on how our lives don’t work.

Check back next week for more great stories from blogs on the Life Hack Blogs top list.