Ways to Motivate Children to Read

Reading goes hand in hand with creating. The importance of reading is to understand the arc of a story and how to convey information, lessons and emotions. To inspire reading sometimes you need to involve your children in the creative process behind a book. How it is made, the story it tells. The more they know about the components, the more excited they will be to experience the journey themselves. Children learn in a variety of ways so here are some different ideas to inspire a love of reading inside of them. [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Attractions and Events

If you’re anything like me, you would get motivated to go out and visit more interesting things if only it didn’t cost as much and you knew where to find them. So how do you find ways to see attractions while making a frugal living or learn about off the beaten path options? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. This article will cover ten simple and effective strategies to saving money on tourist attractions and events. [Read more...]