You Aren’t Using Internet Explorer 6, Right?

Every day, you might browse the web without thinking about which browser you are using, or which version you have installed, but with another Zero-Day exploit for Internet Explorer out in the wild, it might be time to reconsider.

The response thus far by security experts has been: “Internet Explorer users should ensure their antivirus definitions are up to date, disable JavaScript and only visit Web sites they trust until fixes are available from Microsoft.” (via Symantec)

Really the response should be, “You aren’t still using old versions of Internet Explorer, are you?” This article will go over some choices you have, and hopefully, despite your attachment to whatever browser you may be using, you’ll keep an open mind. [Read more...]

Best Password Practices Guide

One of the weakest links in most security systems, even today, are passwords. People write them down on sticky notes attached to their computers, or make their passwords so simple that with a little time, anyone can access their system.

As we rely on computers and the Internet more and more with our precious data, password security is only going to rise in importance. Many sites have long since enacted basic checks on passwords to limit the chance of a possible security breach. You’ve seen these systems in place before as they ask you for longer passwords, or to include certain types of characters.

They want you to use passwords that look like !qD7_8aC but you’ll never remember that. So how do you create passwords that aren’t easy to guess, simple to figure out and that you won’t have to write down to remember? Well, first we need to look at why passwords like the example above are so secure. [Read more...]