Managing Overload: Tips for Web Workers to Deal with Information Overload

I was a full time, professional blogger for four years, and in that time, I had my fair share of information overload. Each day, I was dealing with around fifty to one hundred e-mails that needed my attention, scanning through over a thousand blog posts in my RSS reader, managing comments on upwards of forty different blogs, and providing thousands of words of content each day. It wasn’t easy by far. Some people envied my job, but there can definitely be a horrible side effect of being a professional blogger, web work, or any number of the increasingly technical information management careers out there today.

By the end of most days, I couldn’t tell you anything about what I had done that day because my brain was just overwhelmed. Sometimes my wife would feel a little slighted because I couldn’t even remember conversations or events during weeks where I was intensely busy. It was a rotten feeling and tiring. I was waking up each day feeling like I was multiple days behind in my job, and that the To-Do list was long enough to crush me under its weight if I printed it out on paper.

Then I started to realize that it didn’t have to be that way. [Read more...]