Selling My House: First Impressions

So, I have recently listed my house for sale. I haven’t lived in it for half a year already, as I’ve moved due to work. My wife has been living in the house while going to school and work. She rented out some rooms to people in order to help make ends meet. I’ve been paying for two of everything, and it has been a strain on everything: my mood, our relationship, my work, finances and my energy levels.

It was a difficult decision to put our house up for sale in such a market. The city we live in is still dealing with the effects of the downturn, and housing prices are still on the decline, despite news reports that try to make everyone feel happy and positive about the next half a year. Did I mention that it is still around the middle of a mild Canadian winter?

My wife, more than myself, has a strong emotional attachment to the house. Early in our relationship, she started trying to find ways to make her dream of home ownership a reality, and by the time we were married, we had purchased a plot of land in a new subdivision, and had a company building one of their homes for us. My wife got to pick out the pain, flooring, and other upgrades on top of the stock design and loved every minute of it. There is a lot of her in the house, and so it was with a sad heart that we ended up listing it for sale. [Read more...]