Top Life Hack Blogs Status

Top Life Hack BlogsWith another month behind us, and the first month of a new year over, how have life hack blogs faired? We’ve got an update on the top twenty-five life hack blogs we track on our Top Life Hack Blogs list.

If you are looking for the top blogs related to lifestyle optimization, then check out any of the below listed blogs, especially the top five or ten, which is where I plan to see this blog, LifeSnips in a year or so. [Read more...]

Top Life Hack Blogs Status

top-blogHeading into a new year, we will see if bloggers have the stamina to continue trying to grow their blogs through providing great content that engages their audience. As part of that, I am going to start tracking the top twenty-five blogs in my niche and letting you all know how good or bad they are doing.

This first update uses information from sometime the last week of December compared to today, December 4th, 2010. [Read more...]

Top Life Hack Blogs List

So, I’ve finally finished getting the updated Top Life Hack Blogs list together for you all. This new version takes into account Technorati authority, Compete scores, as well as Google PageRank and Alexa rankings. Combined, I think these give a good picture of the order of the blogs in this niche, and will be a helpful resource for those looking to find such information.

For myself, and the bloggers on the Life Snips staff, we will use this list to find great articles on top tier blogs, as well as a measuring stick for our own continued improvements.

If you’d like to get added to the list, please contact me, either through comments on this post, or via the contact page, and I’ll look into adding you. I probably won’t let the list go longer than one hundred entries, as it is very rare for anyone to need more than one hundred of the best blogs in any niche, for any non-spam purpose.

That doesn’t mean I won’t accept more than one hundred people to submit their blogs though, as some of you will hopefully rise up through the ranks as well.

I hope you’ll all check out the Top Life Hacks Blog list, and let me know what you think of it.