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The Slow Secret: How to Make Lasting Changes in Your Life

How many times have you rushed into making changes in your life — a habit change, learning a new skill — only to have it flop?

It’s not just the New Year’s Resolution Syndrome — it happens too often at all times of the year, that we run out of steam or get discouraged and give up.

But here’s the secret, and I won’t charge you $29.95 for it: go slowly.

10 Life and Money Lessons Learned from Immigrant Parents

My parents were both born in Southern Italy where unemployment is high and quality of life is superb. My mother, Annunziata, made it to the 7th grade and my father, Tommaso, has the equivalent of a technical high school diploma. Both of my parents immigrated to the US in 1975 and are currently debt free, own their own two-family home, and have plenty of cash in savings. They are, in many ways, leading the American dream – by not adopting the principles of American consumerism.

Knowing When to Walk Away: Financial Planning for an Unknown Ending

For all of you who don’t absolutely love your jobs: Instead of shooting for a monetary number before retirement, aim for a target age to retire — whether you’ve achieved your number or not! At that desired age, drop your pencil, close your books and just walk away. Millions of people above the poverty line live on comfortably less every year, so have no fear. After reading this article, you won’t even have to second guess not having enough money to retire, because there’s never enough.

Reducing résumé clutter

Usually, uncluttering is about organizing your stuff in such a way that life is simpler for you. Résumé uncluttering is a special challenge because it’s about organizing your stuff so that it’s easier for someone else — most likely someone you’ve never met.

“Eighteen and Out” – Good Parenting or Bad Parenting?

My belief is that I learned much more valuable lessons by having to make it in the real world than I ever would have back under my parents’ roof. Yes, even if that means a very low standard of living during one’s twenties if necessary.
I’m not saying that parents shouldn’t help if a child completely loses everything. However, there’s a big difference between a helping hand and long term support of a lifestyle.

What Is a “Good Job”?

Too many people focus on salary as the sole definition of a good job. I’ll be the last to argue that it’s not good to have a healthy income. A great income opens many doors if used properly – savings for the future, a higher standard of living, and so on.
But what good is that higher standard of living and savings for the future if you’re living a significant chunk of your adult life in a state of unhappiness.

The 7 Keys to Becoming a More Effective Lifelong Learner

Most people can get on board with the idea of lifelong learning, but few of us really commit to making learning a regular, focused part of our lives. Commitment means setting clear goals for what you what to learn, how you plan to go about it, and how long it will take. Write your goals and your plan down, and set a specific time each week for reviewing your progress.

9 Secrets of Truly Happy People

It’s pretty safe to say that at the end of the day, there are really only one or two things that truly matter. Making money, finding fame or prestige, owning the right toys – if you’re honest, these things are not the be-all end-all, are they? Wouldn’t you agree that your ultimate intention in life is to live well and be happy?

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